The Action Box

The action box wooden end has a turned peg on its underside. This peg locates and slides Into a hole In the action plate on the pad board . The key is cross-drilled and lined with a further felt bush  to take the inner end of the action lever . The cross drilling through the key is not a parallel hole. As shown above, each end of the hole is opened up with a large chamfer. This allows the lever arm angular movement within the key; if this were not so then the lever would lock within the key and not have the freedom of movement needed as its angle changes when the key is pressed and released. Under the key body, around the peg, are two (or more) felt base circle bushings or dampers.
When the key is pressed the action lever pivots around the hinge in the post, and lifts the pad off the air hole in the pad board. The pad has a small and thin leather disc glued to its top surface. The lever arm end bead is threaded onto the outer lever end and is attached to the pad’s leather disc with glue. On the release of the key, the spring closes the air hole with the pad by lifting the lever arm and the key back to its rest position. In the diagram above, the end retaining long screw can be seen to pass through the finger slide and into the pillar. There is a second such pillar under the thumb strap for a similar long screw.
The Reed Pan:
The reed pan sits inside the bellows end casing (bellows frame). its top flush with the top of the bellows frame end. There are wooden blocks set into the frame’s corners, to ensure that the pan sits at precisely the correct height. From the diagrams it can be seen that the outer face of the reed pan is made up with dividing walls forming a series of chambers. Inside each chamber is a metal reed that sounds on expanding the bellows, and a leather flap (valve) which shuts off air to the corresponding reed on the inner face of the pan. Two slots in each chamber pierce the floor of the reed pan.

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