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    Anatomy of a Concertina

    One technically-inspired definition of a concertina is: A manually powered, mechanically controlled pneumatic device, equipped with a range of single-pitched mechanical audio signal generators all for the production of single or multiple sounds of a pre-set frequency or note. What a mouthful! ‘Concertina’ is much easier to say, but the more technical description does make […]

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    The Action Box

    The action box wooden end has a turned peg on its underside. This peg locates and slides Into a hole In the action plate on the pad board . The key is cross-drilled and lined with a further felt bush ┬áto take the inner end of the action lever . The cross drilling through the […]

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    The Concertina Reeds

    Reeds: The reed assembly comprises of a slotted brass frame, a clamping bar held by two small screws and a reed tongue. The brass reed frame is tapered so that it slides firmly into the matching tapered cut out in the reed pan. The frame has a slot cut through it over which the tongue […]